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PMS Plain Sole Socks
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PMS Plain Sole Socks

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These socks are not as hard wearing as our original socks and in fact will be better for very gentle round the house use, even bed sock use.  We are looking for harder wearing socks, but this is a long process.

Christmas 2017 update:

There are no medium left.

As warm as ever: but even softer than our original plain sole socks are possibly even warmer.

These socks are 35% possum fibre which perfectly partners the 55% merino wool (and 10% silk for strength and l).  This wool is lightweight, instantly warming but not overheating, and  makes GREAT socks! 

The possum-merino-silk mix does require washing by hand  BUT as possum is odour-eating and merino moisture-wicking the socks do not need washing so often (truly!). By taking care by handwashing, the possum-merino-silk fabric is so lightweight that it does not hold water - the socks do not turn into lumps of lead in the water!

These socks are slightly thicker than our original plain sole socks. The plain sole socks are good, every day socks, for shoes, wellies in the summer (sadly, but you probably know what I mean) or even bed-sock replacements. 

Colours at present:
Black, Charcoal, Dark Brown (Ebony), Natural (Mocha), Purple and Red.

KiwiKate Size
UK Shoe Size
Foot length Original
Plain Sole Sock
Leg Length
Cushion Sole Sock
Leg Length
Small 3-4  cm 21.5 cm 23 cm
Medium 4.5-7.5  cm 24.0 cm 24 cm
Large 8-11  cm 26.0 cm 25 cm
Extra Large 11.5-14  cm 28.0 cm 26 cm

The exchange rate post Brexit has plummeted. Please rest assured that all of us here at KiwiKate Ltd are doing our level best to offer the most keen pricing possible.

Double and triple packs of pairs not yet available.

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