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Double Pack Rib Dress Socks
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Two pairs rib dress socks, both the same size, three colour choices

Double Pack Rib Dress Socks

GBP 42.00
The perfect sock for dress shoes or under a business suit, usually £22, the double pack is £42 instead of £44.  It's only £1 a pair, but it's £1 a pair saving :)

Perfect for business travel (because they don't need laundering as constantly as for 'normal' wool socks... )  These socks are beautifully fine, and very smart.

More info:

These socks have a much finer appearance than the original plain sole socks.  To achieve this fineness the wool used is 30% possum fur, not our usual 40%.  Therefore the mix on all the dress socks is:
50% merino wool, 30% possum fur, 20% nylon

Theoretically the rib dress sock is for men - the sizes run to XL - but women buy these for themselves.  I am not going to tell you what to wear!

The other dress sock is a cable knit – and theoretically for women because XL is not available.  However, men do buy the cable ones for themselves too.

The mix of possum-merino wool means that they do not in need of the washing machine so often (truly). Calf length.)

Size guidelines:
Small - up to UK 5
Medium - UK 5.5-7.5
Large - UK 8-10
Extra Large - UK 11+
Also available as a single pair £22 or triple pack £60 (save £6 - £2 a pair)

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