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Scarves and Wraps

Glorious colours and styles for a myriad of uses.  All gorgeous.  Ideal.

New! PMS Double Thickness Scarf
GBP 65.00 GBP 61.75 Save GBP 3.25
Ladies' Paisley Neck Scarf
GBP 99.00 GBP 94.05 Save GBP 4.95
Ladies' Moss Stitch Wrap
GBP 165.00 GBP 156.75 Save GBP 8.25
Ladies' possum fur-trimmed Shawl
GBP 232.00 GBP 220.40 Save GBP 11.60
Original Double Thickness Scarf
GBP 55.00 GBP 44.00 Save GBP 11.00