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Possum-merino Wool

The combining of possum fibre with merino wool was a bit inspired.  Both share some characteristics - lightweight, quick drying, insulating, non-pilling, natural but they also complement each other.  The possum is tremendously insulating, but the merino also wicks away moisture - so you shouldn't get overly hot and uncomfortable in a possum-merino garment. 

Possum and merino fibres are combined with a little nylon for extra strength, espeically in socks.  Sometimes the nylon is replaced by silk in some garments which is even a touch more luxurious, if that is possible.

YOu will rarely see lighter colours in possum-merino, as the lightest a fabric can be is governed by the nature of possum fibre, which is either natural brown or natural grey - not normally blonde and never white.

Read more about possum-merino here.

KiwiKate began with the insoles, and then came the socks.  The garments followed.  Careful - once worn, this fabric is completely moreish!

Triple Pack Gloves
GBP 53.00
Double Pack Gloves
GBP 36.00
Double Pack Fingerless Gloves
Fingerless Gloves
GBP 19.00
Men's PMS Scarf with Lambskin Trim
GBP 84.00 GBP 79.80 Save GBP 4.20
Men's Broad Rib Jumper
GBP 169.00 GBP 112.72 Save GBP 56.28
Men's Crew Neck Jumper
GBP 159.00 GBP 151.05 Save GBP 7.95
Men's PMS Sleeveless
GBP 147.00 GBP 139.65 Save GBP 7.35
Men's Argyle Possum-Merino Jumper
GBP 165.00 GBP 82.50 Save GBP 82.50
Men's V Neck Jumper
GBP 159.00 GBP 151.05 Save GBP 7.95
Men's Plain Zip Jacket with Pockets
GBP 249.00 GBP 236.55 Save GBP 12.45
Ladies' Cap Sleeve Top
GBP 84.00 GBP 42.00 Save GBP 42.00
Ladies' CN Tunic with Pockets
Enquire for price
Ladies' Cable Collar Boxy Jumper
GBP 198.00 GBP 188.10 Save GBP 9.90
Ladies' Trimmed Cardigan
GBP 195.00 GBP 97.50 Save GBP 97.50
Ladies' Cable Collar Zip Jacket
GBP 208.00 GBP 197.60 Save GBP 10.40
Ladies' Collar and Zip Gilet
GBP 159.00 GBP 151.05 Save GBP 7.95
Ladies' Houndstooth Cardigan
GBP 209.00 GBP 198.55 Save GBP 10.45