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A lot of what KiwiKate has to offer is unisex.  Some women do purchase their jumpers from the menswear selection.  Whatever, I do hope that you find something here for you ... 
PMS Gloves
GBP 24.50
Headband (Possum)
GBP 95.00
30 Below Hat
GBP 165.00
GBP 39.00
PMS Plain Sole Socks
GBP 32.00 GBP 29.00 Save GBP 3.00
Ladies' Cable Collar Boxy Jumper
GBP 218.00 GBP 207.10 Save GBP 10.90
Ladies' Cable Collar Zip Jacket
GBP 235.00 GBP 223.25 Save GBP 11.75
Ladies' Collar and Zip Gilet
GBP 185.00 GBP 175.75 Save GBP 9.25
Ladies' CN Jumper Lace Detail
GBP 169.00 GBP 160.55 Save GBP 8.45
Ladies' PN Jumper Lace Detail
GBP 175.00 GBP 166.25 Save GBP 8.75
Ladies' VN Rib Detail Jumper
GBP 170.00 GBP 161.50 Save GBP 8.50
Ladies' Stripe Detail Turtle Neck
GBP 182.00 GBP 172.90 Save GBP 9.10