Possum Merino Mens and Womens Clothing and Accessories

Buy quality possum and merino clothing made in New Zealand direct from the UK 

New! Midnight Blue

Available in accessories and some garments for example:

Possum merino

Raynaud's Sufferers
Does possum or possum-merino help you?  Please contact us to let us know!  We'd love to chat.


Hi I saw you wanted people who suffer from Raynaud's to contact you. I have several pairs of your possum merino fingerless gloves and they help me enormously. When I'm wearing them, I hardly ever suffer with white fingers. I'm just having a look at your new colours. Thank you and best wishes ..."

PW, Hampshire, October 2015

Why Possum Fur?

Possum is a natural eco-friendly fibre that is perfect for the cold European winters. Possum Fur is a natural insulation which keeps you extremely warm and is also unbelievably lightweight and comfortable. Possum is perfect for the outdoor adventurer high in the hills, on the moors, or on the city streets.  More ...

All clothing is made in New Zealand where possums are a pest that destroy native trees and native animals, including the endangered Kiwi!
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